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U.S. Marine Corps Forces Korea

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UN Command and Ministry of National Defense Verify Demilitarization efforts at JSA

By United Nations Command Staff | U.S. Marine Corps Forces, Korea | October 30, 2018



 The United Nations Command (UNC), in close coordination with the Ministry of National Defense (MND), has verified the demilitarization work done to date at the Joint Security Area in Panmunjom as part of the Comprehensive Military Agreement (CMA) between the Republic of Korea (ROK) and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK).

UNC supports the ongoing implementation of the CMA between ROK and DPRK.

 "Professionalism and cooperation were displayed by all parties during the demilitarization and verification phase at the JSA. The UNC verification of security measure reduction in the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) lays the foundation for future progress on the CMA implementation," said Gen. Vincent K. Brooks, UNC Commander. "UNC will continue to work tri-laterally and closely with the ROK and DPRK to advance the implementation."

 ROK and DPRK demilitarization efforts included removal of weapons from guard posts and reducing security personnel at the JSA to 35 on each side. Upon completion of this work, officials from the UNC, ROK and DPRK conducted a joint inspection throughout the area in order to ensure compliance with recent agreements. All three entities jointly inspected on both sides of the contested border. Following verification, the guard posts were sealed on both sides.

To continue progress on CMA implementation, a tri-lateral talk is scheduled for Tuesday to discuss the standards of interaction, verification review, and surveillance.

UNC is the home for international commitments with a mandate to maintain peace and security in defense of the Republic of Korea area.

For photos and captions please visit: https://dvidshub.net/r/hethcf

For any additional questions please contact Ms. Jacqueline Leeker, UNC Public Affairs at Jacqueline.N.Leeker.civ@mail.mil, or by phone at 010-8525-2856 or 05033-25-4412.


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