U.S. Marine Corps Forces, Korea


U.S. Marine Corps Forces, Korea

Seoul, South Korea


US Marine Corps Forces Korea (MARFORK) is the US Marine Corps Service Component for United States Forces Korea (USFK) and United Nations Command (UNC).  It commands all US Marine forces assigned to USFK and UNC; advises USFK and UNC on the capabilities, support, and proper employment of Marine forces; and supports the defense of the Republic of Korea (ROK) by facilitating the rapid introduction of US Marine forces onto the Korean Peninsula in order to maintain stability in Northeast Asia.  Additionally, MARFORK is the US Marine Corps’ representative to the Commandant of the ROK Marine Corps.

During routine operations, the Commander, MARFORK (COMMARFORK) concurrently serves as the U/C/J-5 of UNC, Combined Forces Command (CFC), and USFK.  Further, COMMARFORK also serves as the Senior US Naval Officer Ashore (SUSNOA); Commander, United Nations Command Marine Forces Component (COMUNCMARFORCOMP); and Deputy Commander, Combined Marine Component Command (DEPCOMCMCC).  During crisis and contingency operations, COMMARFORK retains the responsibilities of U/C/J-5 and is relieved by the Commander, US Marine Corps Forces Pacific (COMMARFORPAC), who assumes command of MARFORK (concurrently commanding two separate MARFORs serving two separate US joint commands).  During crisis and contingency operations, MARFORK retains its basic organization, but expands in size and capacity in order to satisfy the increased requirements for USMC Service Component support to USFK, UNC and US Marine forces in Korea.

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