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Setting The Force

USAG Humphreys, Republic of Korea
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Career Planning Mission

The Marine Corps has two primary career force objectives:
a. To provide the Marine Corps with the most qualified force by grade and MOS to support staffing all authorized career force billets.
b. To standardize promotion tempo across all MOSs to match time-in-service targets shown in appendix F.

2. Backqround. The Career Planning Program is the key to achieving these career force objectives. The primary purpose of the program is to conduct quality interviews in order to reenlist First-Term Marines to meet our career force MOS requirements, and to reenlist career Marines to sustain appropriate career force experience levels. Appendix F represents the target career progression pattern for our enlisted force; including timing for promotion, reenlistment, and service limits. The retention effort to develop a career force with the proper grade, MOS, and experience is paramount. Without a strong retention program the Marine Corps could not accomplish its career force objectives. Aimed at filling manpower requirements in support of our Corps' war-fighting mission, the Career Planning Program focuses on the individual Marine. The Career Planning Program for each organization/unit must be organized, resourced and operated under the following principles:

a. Ensure a personalized approach to the career development needs of each Marine.

b. Emphasize the value of personal satisfaction in making a contribution to our Corps and the intangible as well as tangible benefits of a Marine Corps career.

c. Recognize and reinforce the importance of quality leadership and professionalism to an armed service dedicated to protecting U.S citizens and interests around the world. Our Nation desires a strong career force of Marines to ensure the Marine Corps continues to provide a force in readiness to fight in any clime or place on very short notice.

d. Expedite personal service for all Marines by ensuring interviews, counseling sessions, and administrative requirements contained in this Manual are executed promptly and accurately. Timely submission of Reenlistment, Extension and Lateral Move (RELM) requests ensures Marines receive the best possible opportunity to reenlist.

Contact Information:
Career Planner: 315-755-8331
SSgt Wentzel - Joshua.wentzel@usmc.mil
From Korean Cell: 050-3355-8331
Duty Cell: 010-2825-2391




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